Coming Back from Covid

Mission is taking a two-pronged approach to restarting our physical gatherings. This approach is characterized by 1-Being reasonably safe and 2-Being overly gracious.

Regarding safety…

  • Masks: Masks are now expected in accordance with the Kansas governor’s July 3, 2020 Executive Order. We strongly encourage everyone to wear a mask in and out of our gatherings, before and after being seated. There is plenty of room in the outside patio area, which serves as our exit point, to interact with people without masks.
  • Children: Our elementary-aged KidCity ministry is temporarily suspended, but we do have a nursery room available for newborns – PreK. Toys will be sanitized, and volunteers will have their temperature taken.
  • Testing positive: In the event that you test positive for COVID subsequent to attending a Mission gathering, we encourage you to contact the Johnson County Health Department and work with them.
  • Reservations: We’re asking that people sign up through a Google Docs link you can access at We’re doing this for two reasons:
    • Given that chairs will be spaced out for the time being, our seating capacity will only allow for 100 people.
    • This will help us work with the Johnson County Health Department. In the event that they contact us on the behalf of someone who has tested positive we can provide them with an email list. The JCHD can then easily contact anyone who may have been exposed.
  • Online: As always, we will continue to stream our gatherings for any who cannot join us physically.

Regarding grace…

  • We are people who consider and respect others regardless of their particular opinions about responses to COVID.
  • We name and turn from scapegoating. We recognize that the politicized COVID climate we live in stirs up powerful emotions and frustrations. We refuse to allow ourselves to offload our anxiety onto others.
  • We run with these guidelines not because we live in fear, but rather to continue to create a reasonably safe environment for those who may be at risk.