Welcome to Mission Church

Join Us Sunday Mornings at 10am at the Olathe Community Center

To live is to change; to live well is to change often. -Howard Thurman

Hey everyone, change is upon us. I go into more detail here in this video but we’re taking our Sunday gatherings online for the next 90 days to our FB and Vimeo pages (missionchurchkc). This move is not a political move or a statement about what we think is “personally best for every family to do” move… it’s purely a humanity move. Our hospitals are rapidly filling up, and we want to do our part in helping them do their part.

We’re going online on Sundays, but that doesn’t mean we are shutting down. There are still so many things to do and places to get involved. So, stay plugged in. This is not an easy time, but we can do this. Let anyone that needs to know that we offer FREE counseling via our partnership with K-State. Meanwhile, keep praying, listening to others, refusing to scapegoat, following up on other church and community people, and keep putting love where there is no love.